Vanessa Huppenkothen

Facts & Figures

Name: Vanessa Huppenkothen Age: 38
Ethnic: German-Mexican Home town: Mexico-City
Language: German, Spanish, English, French Hobbies: sports, traveling, healthy lifestyle


Being a International sports news anchor and TV presenter Vanessa Huppenkothen impresses with her positive energy, professionell appearance and stunning beauty. The daughter of former Schalke footballer Dieter Huppenkothen works for the world’s largest sport network ESPN and has reported on numerous sport spectacles such as the NFL Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup in Brasil and South Africa, US Open Tennis Championships and the Olympic Games in China. Well known for her appealing charisma Vanessa Huppenkothen also presents premium events like the MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamerica, GQ Man of The Year or Glamour Beauty Awards. On top of this the German-Mexican is a social media star and influencer with over 6 million followers sharing her own knowledge in fitness (having participanted in an Ironman), traveling, nutrition and fashion.

Sports News Anchor

2016 - to date - ESPN Latinoamerica: SportsCenter
2008 - 2015 - Televisa Deportes: „La Jugada“, „Mas Deporte“, „Noticiero Televisa Deportes“

Sports Event Presenter (last 4 years)

2018 - NFL Super Bowl (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
2017 - Laureus Awards (Monaco)
- UEFA Champions League (Cardiff, Wales)
- Main Host World Cup Russia 2018, UEFA Play Of Draw, FIFA (Zurich, Switzerland)
2016 - US Open Tennis Championships (New York)
2015 - Formula 1 Grand Prix (Mexico City, Mexico)
- NFL Super Bowl (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
2014 - FIFA World Cup 2014 (Brasil)
- NFL Super Bowl in New York (New York, USA)
- ATP Tennis Open in Monterrey (Mexico)

Premium Event Hostess (last 6 months)

  • - GQ Man of the Year Latinoamerica
  • - Marie Claire Prix De La Beauté
  • - Glamour Beauty Awards
  • - Mexican Sport Awards
  • - Samsung Galaxy Launch
  • - Pepsi Awards
  • - MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamerica
  • - Various FOX, Touchstone, Warner, Dreamworks film releases